The International Academy on Sustainable Development is working to create and deliver high-quality scientific content on sustainable development, as each of our training programs addresses one of the challenges facing our world today, in order to build the resilience of current and future generations, from providing basic human rights to making cities more sustainable. The International Academy on Sustainable Development was established as the training arm of the Global Federation for Sustainable Development, which works to refine the technical and managerial skills of specialists through the organization of training programs, workshops, or relying on distance learning methods, in collaboration with leading international experts to provide a comprehensive basic curriculum on the fundamental issues of the sustainability of our planet – including health, education, climate change, agriculture, food systems, sustainable investment, etc., by organizing each program in a very appropriate way for educational and practical experiences.

Our aspiration

Our overriding aspiration is to anchor awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and to contribute to their dissemination through our various programs and educational curricula so that we can inspire individuals and organizations to:

  • Adopting more environmentally and socially responsible behavior and habits.
  • Cooperation, coordination and planning with national and international institutions in this area to adopt further relevant initiatives.

Our goal

To provide innovative high quality programs.

Our vision

The Academy shall be a global reference for sustainable development.

Our Mission

Empower institutions, universities, volunteers, and civil society organizations to achieve their interests and aspirations to become pioneers of sustainability.

University Partnership Program (UPP)

We work with universities, institutes, and academic institutions to integrate educational programs and academic materials into current and new programs around sustainable development around the world. The universities and institutions that are part of the partnership program will receive easy access to academic materials to suit their needs, as well as educational and technical support from the ISD team academy in the implementation of materials in integrated educational programs.
Program participants receive group and individual consultations during the various main stages of developing and delivering the course. Resources such as teaching materials, and best practices manuals are provided to participants. The University Partnership Program is a tool for capacity-building and resources to raise awareness of the concept of sustainable development and can be tailored to the needs of the university or institution.


Technical Support for Internet Platforms: ISD courses will be hosted on an educational platform through our website in the late 2019s. ISD team academy provides technical support for partners to facilitate mobility between these platforms as well as consulting support for working with distant learning management systems.

Academy Program 2018

Getting grants and financial resource FSD-100-1
Strategies for the Long-Term Sustainability of an Initiative FSD-100-2
Capacity Building Workshop on Employ Integrated Approaches to Sustainable Development Planning and Implementation FSD-100-3
Choosing Strategies to Promote Community Health and Development FSD-101-1
Greening the Economy: Sustainable Cities FSD-101-2
Achieving and Maintaining Quality Performance FSD-102-1
Becoming an Effective Manager Program FSD-103-1
Our Strength in our “interdependence” Program FSD-103-2
Creative Creativity Program FSD-103-3
Becoming an Brilliant Speaker Program FSD-103-4
Corporate Sustainability… Understanding and Seizing the Strategic Opportunity FSD-104-1
Community Needs Assessment program FSD-105-1
The Humanitarian and Conflict Response program FSD-105-2
Program of all-inclusive care for the elderly FSD-106-1