Accelerating Progress Towards The Economic Empowerment

Accelerating Progress Towards The Economic Empowerment

Makhzoumi Foundation, in collaboration with the Positive Planet, held a ceremony honoring a group of distinguished graduates in the project that empowers local communities and displaced individuals economically during the annual conference of Sanabel Association entitled “Financial Inclusion in the Arab Countries; A Journey of Collaboration and Achievements”. In the presence of more than 400 participants from micro-finance practitioners, donors, investors and industry leaders in the Arab region, and around the world to discuss key issues related to the micro-finance sector.

“The project aims to ensure fusion between communities in Lebanon and to focus on women’s participation,” said Francis Fraser, Director of Operations at Positive Planet.

“The project will open opportunities and will lead us to many successful achievements in our society,” she said. “Makhzoumi Foundation is grateful for this cooperation and partnership with Sanabel Association, which gave us the platform to express this opportunity.”

In his word, the Honorary President of Makhzoumi Foundation Dr. Fouad Makhzoumi, said: “We are very proud of this collaboration with Sanabel that will enable thousands of families to establish their own businesses through the microcredit program. Also, we are strategically planning with Positive Planet to deal with host communities through developing a joint training project.”

“The idea of the project is to empower communities in need with a profession and a craft, and here we are today honoring a group of 380 beneficiaries,” Dr. Makhzoumi added. “We came here to emphasize the significant role of NGOs in filling the gaps in governmental work.”

After that, Makhzoumi Foundation presented honorary shields to the Sanabel Association.

In the end, the winners were honored and certificates were distributed.


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