Businesses Take Action on the SDGs – Documentary Series

Businesses Take Action on the SDGs – Documentary Series

Businesses around the world are exploring how they can advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), from putting in place sustainable practices to contributing to a better world as envisaged in the 2030 Agenda.

Today, consumers and investors are better informed than ever before. People are now looking at supporting companies that align with their own commitments towards a better planet. Whether it is reducing plastic, supporting organic agriculture or using renewable energy, their choices can make a big difference in how a company can structure its future business plans.

In adopting the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals into their business strategies, companies have found that supporting the SDGs is not only financially beneficial, but it also gives them an opportunity to influence the practices of their network of producers and consumers, and across their industry, ultimately contributing to a healthier planet.

Recognizing the critical contribution and impact the private sector has in achieving a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable society, Reuters, in collaboration with the Business Debate and the United Nations, have created a documentary series of thought leadership films showcasing how companies are realigning their practices and looking at long-term solutions to achieve the SDGs.

This compelling and insightful documentary film series will explore why sustainable business is better for the enterprise and society at large. Each film will demonstrate how a true north version of business—one that provides economic development, prosperity and positive growth in a way that is socially just and environmentally sustainable, aligns with the SDGs.

The films – along with introductions to the Goals featuring UN representatives, government officials, and advocates – are available on