Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said

Sultan of Oman

Excerpts from the speech of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said – God bless him-, Sultan of Oman on the occasion of the annual meeting of the Council of Oman of 2008

“The interest in human resources and the provision of various means to develop their performance and stimulate their potential and to diversify their creative capabilities and improve their scientific and practical efficiency is the basis of real development and the cornerstone of its solid construction based on established rules, since the human element is the maker of civilizations and builders of renaissance, so we spare no effort and will spare no effort in providing all that would develop our human resources, refining them, training them and creating opportunities for science to enable them to gain the useful knowledge, experience and technical skills required by the labor market and the need for sustainable development programs in their various fields, and we emphasize in this regard on the continuation of development policies and construction in accordance with the approved plans, and we also emphasize the need to diversify sources of income and exert more efforts in this regard, as well as to consider how to make good use of power supply alternatives and strive to achieve food security as much as possible and in this regard, we have issued our orders to the competent authorities to develop appropriate plans for that.”